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(Sinodus International Holding Co,Limited)(hereinafter referred to as), in the 08 month of 2011, 02 registered as a company.
Registered address:, Wan Chai, Hong Luo gram road 301-307, Locke center professional engaged in various types of leasing business of Sino foreign joint venture leasing company, with a registered capital of RMB 2 billion yuan. Rui Ying lease is mainly engaged in energy-saving environmental protection, agricultural machinery, infrastructure and aviation and other industries of the industry's financial leasing business. Division I will give full play to the resource advantages of Sino foreign joint venture leasing company, experienced in the field of finance leasing business team advantage, and actively carry out business collaboration with the bank, together for the customer to create tailor-made "credit + lease a combination of financial service, providing customers with a wide range, a rental service.
The major shareholder of Hebei Aowei Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. Headquarters are located in Chaoyang District, Beijing CBD. The main iron and steel smelting, metallurgy furnace charge trade, iron ore mining, real estate development, business hotel business is "production, supply, marketing" a dragon, "industry, trade, transport integrated enterprise groups. Group company in 2001 to 2009 years of "AAA" level of credibility enterprises; 2004 ~ 2009 ten private enterprises in Baoding city; Hebei province in 2007 was the Hebei provincial industrial and commercial, tax, environmental protection, labor protection and other 14 credit evaluation of the authority of the Hebei Province SME credit evaluation committee will be rated as "Hebei Province, credit outstanding enterprises".

Corporate culture

Mission: to create value for customers, create profits for shareholders, create a stage for employees.

Vision: help economic development, leading the financing lease

Core value: God helps those who help themselves, unremitting self-improvement

Management team

Experienced management team to fully integrate social resources and industry resources, will be used as a joint venture leasing of resources for joint ventures. Not only that, but also from the domestic focus of the Swiss leasing and overseas universities and colleges as well as the outstanding performance of the new generation of the new generation of the executive team.
              we will continue to sum up experience, and learn, innovative, resourceful, working to maximize the benefits of the partners, will Rui Ying lease push of leading the ranks of the leasing industry.

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