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Mode of background: direct lease refers to the use of the leased property to the lessee, and the lessee shall pay the rent on time. The lease expires, the equipment is owned by the lessee. Direct rent advantage: external financing, optimize the financial statements
Direct lease by the parties directly approached the lease, the three party requirements and conditions for more specific, clear and direct lease mode without time interval, the lessor has no equipment inventory, capital flows faster, there is a higher investment efficiency
It will help small and medium enterprises to introduce advanced technology and equipment in the domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment.

Background mode: sale leaseback is refers to all of the leased property lease will be sold to financial leasing company, followed by and financial leasing companies signed a sale and leaseback contract according to the agreed terms, on schedule to pay rent the use of the leased property, until the end of rent to determine the ownership of the object.
back advantage:
Do not affect the use of equipment and customer's daily business activities, to provide a higher proportion of mortgage loans to the flow of funds
Revitalize the fixed assets, optimize the financial statements
VAT deduction, save tax

Mode background: vendor leasing is a business model which is based on the specific needs of the dealers and the combination of its sales model, the use of lease for the purchase of their products customers, and follow-up equipment asset management.
vendor mode advantage:
In addition to the direct rent and leasing company andleaseback mode advantage, also can promote the suppliers to expand sales scale

Mode background: to solve the problem of the purchase of aircraft, the machine source and tax concessions, etc., need to set up SPV as a form of rental for the purchase.